The very begining;

From a very young age being on stage has always taken a huge role in my life. If I wasn't singing in choir at school concerts, I was performing in yearly school shows and dance performances.

 I attended Stanborough School, WGC, Herts from 2002-2007; for my GCSE's I took Drama, receiving a B. I also took twilight music, meaning I took this subject on top of my 4 chosen subjects but studied and took lessons in my own time and after school; for this I received a C.
At Stanborough I also took weekly singing lessons with a private singing tutor, and took a graded exam, receiving a merit.

Performing was always a part of me when young, but school concerts and shows, as small as they were brought my love of the stage to life for the first time.

Although, I didn't perhaps receive the best grades I could have - I was still extremely happy with my results, as it got me moving on the the next stage; college.


Moving on...

After finishing school I applied for North Herts College in Hitchin, which is where I then moved onto in 2007. I studied 2 year National Diploma in Musical Theatre, recieving triple distinctions as my final grade - which I couldn't have been happier with.

We covered a huge range of Theatre; from singing, dancing and acting to back stage, technical, lighting, script writing, directing, choreographing; from Musical Theatre to straight acting, filming, comedy, dance projects, singing assessments and much more.

We performed a christmas Pantomime; Dick Whittington, in which i proudly played the part of Dick. Also, in my first year I was one of only a few to understudy a lead role in the second years end of year performance; Kim in Bye Bye Birdie. I played the part of Kim on one occasion at RAF Henlow Theatre, and the rest of performances was part of the chorus - but that one performance showed me just a bit more about what I was capable of.
I then went on to playing the lead of Bakers Wife in our performance of Into The woods, for our own second year final performance - which was lots to learn, and quite a challenge - but great fun!

College taught me so much! Not just about different characters and techniques - but what musical theatre really truly is.